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SQL Server – Comparison between CT and CDC

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If you have already gone through my previous articles, Change Tracking (CT) and Change Data Capture (CDC), you also need to know the comparison between CT and CDC.

When I was writing articles on CT and CDC, I noticed some similarities and differences between CT and CDC.

Although they look similar, I noticed more differences than similarities. So I would like to share my findings with you guys.



SQL Server – Change Data Capture(CDC)

Please visit SQLVERSITY.COM for more details.

Thank you very much for reading my previous article Change Tracking (CT) and I hope you have enjoyed while reading the content of CT.

As I promised you guys, I am back with another awesome feature of SQL Server 2008 called ‘Change Data Capture (CDC)’.  As you all know that I am a lazy fellow and in this entire article I am going to call it as CDC for my convenience.

Microsoft has introduced this feature to overcome a small drawback in CT.

I hope you already got to know the drawback in CT. That is, we cannot get historical data in CT. That means, we can get the details of Primary key, DML (like I/D/U) changes which we have done to the table. But not entire modified data. By using CDC, we can retrieve historical changes also.

Here it goes……!!! (more…)