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Installing Adventureworks database

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Installing AdventureWorks

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My next article onward, we are going to start writing queries. So you should have some data to work on and which should be in sync with my data.

One of the possibility for you guys to get in sync with me is to install AdventureWorks database. This is a sample database which can be used for testing & practicing purpose. Let’s install AdventureWorks in your SQL Server.

Follow the below steps to get it installed in your computer.

Step 1: Download AdventureWorks database. To download, Click here

Note: while downloading select the appropriate version according to your SQL Server version. Suppose if you are using SQL Server 2008, then download AdventureWorks 2008.

Step 2: Extract the ZIP file which you have downloaded from the above link. You will get two files (1 .mdf & 1 .ldf).

Adventureworks database

Step 3: Now connect to SQL Server — Right click on Databases folder in object explorer — Click on attach — Click on Add — Select the mdf file from your AdventureWorks location — click on Ok — click on Ok.

Adventureworks database

Step 4: Now right click on databases folder — click on refresh and then check for AdventureWorks database in it.

 Ufff……… Finally we are on the same page. Now let’s start the game 🙂



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