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Network DBMS (NDBMS)

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A DBMS is said to be Network DBMS, when it organizes the data in a network structure. As you all are aware that, a network may have as many connections as it can.

In our DBMS language, we can say that a parent can have many children and a child can have more than one parent. So a Network DBMS will have many-to-many relationship.

There are some differences between hierarchical DBMS and Network DBMS.

  • In hierarchical DBMS, we can have only one parent to a child. But in Network, we can have more than one.
  • Unlike hierarchical , Network DBMS does not necessarily follow downward tree structure. In some cases it may follow upward tree structure.

Please go through the below example to understand better.

Network DBMS

ABC College has two Child. i.e. Department A and College library. It represents one to many relationship. Even though there is no relation between Department A and College library, a student can be a member of both Department A and College library. This represents many to one relationship. So as per the above example, student has two parents which tell us this is the Network DBMS model. This is the simple and good example for Network DBMS.


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