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What is Database?

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February 2013
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Database Introduction

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A Database is a collection of data organized in such a way that it can be accessed easily and efficiently.

It seems very easy to define. But this is an important one which rules the entire world in any field.

Our entire life depends on database and the daily activities involves lot of databases. Even the list of your Boyfriend/Girlfriend’s is also a database 😉

A database can be physical(paper) or electronic. But in this fast growing world, everybody is mostly bothered about electronic databases only. i.e. Databases which are stored in computers.


  • List of employees in an organization
  • Telephone directory
  • List of account holders in bank records etc….

Data can be of any kind . It can be related to educational institutions, organizations, banks etc….Please do not think that database contains only numbers and text. It can be anything like songs, movies, images etc…The electronic databases are more secured than the databases in physical form. Because anyone can open and read the data which is in physical form. But in electronic databases, we can give access to the people who have rights to access the data.


If you have already heard about DBMS(Database Management System), do not be confused between Database & DBMS. Database is just a part of DBMS.

Database Management System

The name itself is saying that, it is the system/software which manages different databases. We can say it is an Engine which drives the databases.

It allows us to store, modify and extract data from a database.



  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MYSQL etc.…

Types of Database Management Systems:

There are five structural types of database management systems.



  1. Simple and very elegant description of database. Looking forward to more tutorials of these kind from you.

  2. Kumara Raja says:

    Your article is very nice and easy to uderstand…Keep it up!

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